STICEA was founded in 1996, as an LTD company, by the current shareholding structure. By virtue of the experience gained in over 20 years in the construction area, it acquires the building business of an historic company based in Pisa, particularly qualified in the road and civil construction sector. The special mix of skills of the entrepreneurs and the different professional figures, together with the corporate policies that always led the company, make possible for STICEA to explore new areas of Real Estate.

STICEA keeps carrying out its work in Pisa until 2003, when shareholders decide to bring their core-business to Prato. The reason behind this move is the wish to value the main Real Estate initiative of the year 2000: the acquisition of “Palazzo Befani”, an important building in the city center of Prato, nowdays called “Prato City”.

Thanks to past experiences of new members and the urge to innovate in construction, STICEA begins a series of collaborations and partnerships which bring about the realization of important Real Estate transactions.

Among the most important and memorable is the construction of several warehouses for artisanal activities in Santa Croce sull’Arno, to the value of 14.000.000,00€ and the complete renovation of the building of via Ripamonti, with a  market value of around 25,000,000€ . The client is the company “LVMH Christian Dior” which concentrates on 6,000 sqm. of the building all of its administrative and commercial activity for Italy, and a branch of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro.

Another interesting work is undoubtedly the construction on behalf of the group  “CONAD del Tirreno”, of a logistic warehouse for the areas of Tuscany, Sardinia, Liguria and Lazio. The structure, completed in March 2006, has a total area of 53,000 sqm. and is situated near Montopoli Val d’Arno.

Amongst others there are several remarkable works carried out for the Pubblic Administration in Tuscany (urbanisation actions for the municipality of Pontedera, sewage treatment plant in Cantagallo, road by-pass for the Province of Siena) in addition to the collaboration with S.I.R.IM. S.r.l,  which realises actions of urbanisation within a 220,000 sqm. area located in Pistoia. Last but not least the development of the former Lazzi area in Florence, that later gave birth to 5,000 sqm. of offices for the Banca Ifis company and a “cash-and-carry” by Metro Italia.