The methods of approach to entrepreneurial activity typical of STICEA have two fundamental characteristics: reliability and confidence in their partners.

Given the context in which STICEA operates, the Real Estate industry, what the client needs is reliability and professionalism from the company on which it entrusts its business.

By its very nature  “brick” needs a deep commitment from the company that operates it;  property has always been associated with concepts that go beyond the time and place in which it is built. Its durability, its resistance to the changing world and desire to keep its stance long enough to be admired by the sons and grandsons of those who wanted and realized.

Property as primary resource in short, whether it’s a house or a building, is much more than the collection of materials and know-how needed to achieve it. For this reason STICEA has always showed seriousness in the areas in which it operates, to provide a final “product” that is up to the expectations of the customer and the product itself.

This is made possible by the close network of partnerships that bind STICEA to many qualified partners, with whom it develops a deep relationship of trust. Characterized also by the same seriousness in carrying out their work, they guarantee the supply of resources (in economic and skills level) necessary for the implementation of the main activities of STICEA.

Such collaborations often repeat themselves over the years, given the trust placed in them by the company and vice versa. The use of external consultants also guarantees an excellent knowledge of the area and its simplification and streamlining of technical and bureaucratic procedures that are typical of the Real Estate sector.